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Horny Honey Lola Rides Massive Balloon With Vibrator Masturbation

She’s a horny little slut alright, and when you see her getting off while on top of this balloon, you’ll go crazy! She admits that she’s quite a looner, and the idea of being bounced around while she holds onto a big, oversized balloon always makes her horny.

She has such a tight body and knows when push comes to shove, guys will go insane when they see her getting pussy fucked the way she does. That clit goes over the edge so many times in this hot scene – don’t miss out on a hot balloon fuck session.

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Sexy Babe Bounces On Purple Blowup Walrus

This cute little guy is actually quite a sexy devil: I know that bouncing up and down on him gets things really hot, so when I feel as if it’s time for me to orgasm, I let him outside and have my way! He gets plenty of positive treatment from me:

I bounce and bounce away without a care in the world while my tight, hungry pussy starts to moisten up because I’m such a horny looner. When push comes to shove, I know you’ll just adore watching me bouncing on this inflatable pool toy.

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Green Dragon Inflatable Gets Rode By Horny Lola

I get so sexually frustrated when I have to leave home for business reasons – thankfully, when I return, my favorite blow up green dragon is waiting there, hungry for my attention. I climb on top of him and start to thrust my pussy as hard as I can.

The sensation is so much fun, and I know that any looner worth their salt is going to love watching me pound away on this great inflatable specimen. Do you want to watch my tight and slender body bouncing on this green balloon? I hope so, because that’s exactly what you’re in store for!

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Sexy Naked Chick Riding On Huge Balloon

You know, I went to the party store near my house a few days ago, and they had these huge balloons in the display window. Guess what I did? Yup, bought a pack of 100! Now I can spend all day and all night getting my fix of inflatable objects in. Balloons do something to me sexually that no other fetish can.


There’s a certain amount of bliss that comes with getting my hot wet pussy rubbing off against the material. Do you want to see just how wild I can be when my clothes are off and my pussy is satisfied with balloon?

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Lola Has Her Beautiful Ass Bouncing On An Inflatable Balloon

Let’s face it, you know as well as I do that when my spandex-clad ass is bouncing up and down on top of this whale balloon, you cannot help but get horny. The whole process of this perfect behind going all around in your face while I hump my favorite inflatable is sure to set you off at some point.

Now I know what you’re thinking – and yes, I am an absolute looner fanatic! When my beautiful body is connected to an inflatable whale like this, I get wet and my pussy just needs to be satisfied.

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Sexy Babe Masturbates With Hitachi On Inflatable Lilo Lounger

Nothing gets me more horny than the feeling of an inflatable material sticking to me. Today I was down by the beach and after buying a lilo, I had no choice but to run home, blow it up and get my perfect body bouncing up and down on it.

Soon enough, I grabbed my wonderful vibrator and pushed it against my clit while I rested on this beautiful inflatable lounger. If you’re a looner that has a particular fetish for inflatables, this solo masturbation video of mine will surely put a smile on your face.

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Horny Looner Babe Riding On inflatable Dolphin

Hello there must friends! I’m back, and this time I’ve brought my inflatable friend with me for some quality fun. I don’t know about you, but I get so horny when it comes to playing with – even seeing – inflatable toys. Whether they are made for the pool or the beach, rubbing my body across the entirety of a nice rubber inflatable gets me so hot and horny.

If you are a serious looner, I urge you to check out just how wild I get with these things! I always dress well, so be sure to appreciate the silver spandex and tight yoga pants I have on.

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Green Dragon Inflatable Gets Bounced On By Hot Babe

The name is Lola – you’ve probably seen me around. Hopefully you know about my fetish of inflatable objects and fully except my sexual experiences around them. Many people have standard fetishes that they can enjoy – for me, nothing sets my mind off more than the feeling of bouncing up and down on an inflatable.

Today’s lucky blow up character is a green dragon that I got from eBay. He was worth every penny and brings me so much looner joy! I hope you watch me getting nude and rude with this fun inflatable – you would be missing out on a lot of blow up fun if not.

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Lola Getting Sexy With Her Purple Walrus Inflatable

Hey there – my name is Lola, and I’m a certified inflatable slut. It all started back when I was younger, at birthday parties I would love to see balloons, and I always wanted to hug them as tightly as I could without destroying them. One day when I was older, I was walking past a party shop and saw some discounted balloons.

I took them home and blew them all up – it was so much fun! Today I’m riding and getting horny with my favorite walrus inflatable. Do you enjoy seeing me loon around?

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Lola Has Looner Fun With Inflatable Love Doll

I know what you’re thinking, why is a beautiful girl like me trying to have sex with an inflatable toy? The fact of the matter is that I simply get off to the idea of balloons and blown up objects. The sexual thrill of having the material rub against my pussy is enough to send me over the edge.

It just so happens that I found a relatively inexpensive love doll, and after getting it all set up and ready for action, it was the easiest way to make me orgasm! If you are a looner and want to watch me getting intimate with this toy, be sure to watch the entire video of all the action.

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