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Megan Gets Duct Taped To Inflatable Pool Toy And Gets Forced Orgasm

I bet you never thought that there would be a cross between looner porn and BDSM, did you? My name is Megan, and I’m a little whore that loves to be treated like a slave. In this scene you’re going to see me get strapped down to a grey dolphin inflatable pool toy just before I get a vibrator shoved onto my clit and a forced orgasm running throughout my body.

I actually quite like the feeling of being dominated, especially when I’m riding on top of one of my favorite inflatable toys.

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Horny Babe Megan Masturbates On Inflatable Mattress

Be honest for a second: how much do you like to see skinny sexy teens getting their pussies filled while rocking on an inflatable pool toy? There is only one correct answer to that question: very much so! Megan is a nice, tight bodied teen that looks for the fun in life wherever she can.

The moment everyone left the house, she jumped naked into the pool and started to dildo fuck herself while on a nice relaxing lilo. A hot little slut this one is, and when you see how she takes on the inflatable porn niche, you’ll love her!

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Megan Rubs Her Perfect Body All Over Dolphin Inflatable

When I get home and have some alone time, there is one thing I love to do above all else. As you can see from the video, my personal fetish when it comes to the world of sex involves inflatable toys!

This grey Dolphin was given to me as a gift from a very understanding friend that knew all about my looning, and when I run my hot pussy all over the exterior of this magnificent pool toy, I get super wet and make him feel as if he’s back in the ocean with all the juice.

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Sexy Girl Riding Inflatable Whale In The Pool

I am an absolute Looner, my name is Megan and it turns me on knowing that you are about to watch my very special inflatable video. This whale is so sturdy and strong, I feel so safe when I wrap my arms around it and nothing sets me off sexually quite like the sensation of being close to an inflatable object.

Watch me ride around the pool using him to keep me afloat – the best part is that I am completely naked, so this slender hot body is the center of the attention and ready to be fully satisfied by inflatable pool toys.

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Cheerleader Megan Comes Home To Hump Favorite Inflatable Toy

When I have really long days at school, nothing sets my barely legal ass off quite like humping this guy. He’s a shark, and just like me, he will bite you if you mess around! I just love the feeling of his plastic running itself all over my body.

The soft, gentle and squishy nature of his material puts me in such a horny mood the only thing I can do is pound away and think of getting fucked. I love this inflatable shark, and I know that this video will turn on just about any looner who wants to see a beautiful girl engaged with a sexy piece of inflatable fun.

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Megan Dreams Of Being Fucked In An Inflatable Lilo

Getting myself off in an inflatable lounger has never been hard, but you know what I really want to happen? I want a guy that is as much of a looner as I am, and I want him to fuck me while we float around in this perfect fucking device.

The water provides all the lubrication we need, and just imagine how good it would feel to be inside my tight, wet pussy while I hold onto the inflatable surroundings. Sound like a good idea? Well then this video will surely give you the satisfaction you deserve and desire as a fan of inflatable fetish porn.

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Purple Inflatable Walrus Gets Rode By Horny Babe

What do you think of my big purple inflatable walrus friend here? Isn’t he just the cutest thing you have ever seen! I think he is sexy as all hell, and when I strip off all of my clothes and start to ride him, I hope you will appreciate just how serious I can get about this type of action.

My body is perfect –I know that, and after you watch this inflatable riding video, you will too! So sit back, relax and bring up your best media player: I am going to show you the best way a woman can ride an inflatable.

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Megan Brings Her Pool Toy Into Her Room For Sensual Fun

I know what you’re thinking – why is a girl as hot as me spending time with a silly whale inflatable? Firstly, he isn’t silly, secondly, because it’s incredibly fun! Never before have I had such a rush when inflatable objects touch me.

The soft, rubbery and squishy nature of their material makes me safe, and the sound that the thing makes when I run my hands and skin over it drives me crazy. I love having fun with balloon toys, and I hope when you watch this video you will see just how much of an inflatable looner I really am.

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Girl Gets Naked And Humps Her Inflatable Pool Toy

The name is Megan, and today I am showing you a very special video. The other night I was invited to a friend’s pool and because it was all-girl, I was completely comfortable with getting naked. Anyway, at one point she had to head out and pick up some more people, telling me it would take about 30 minutes or so for her to get back.

I took my chances and started to fuck the doggy inflatable – it was so enjoyable! I had such a rush from indulging in my looner fantasies, and now you can see me do it because I got it all on tape.

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Megan Plays In Pool With Her Doggy Inflatable

When I get into the swimming pool, I cannot help but get naked. Something about being covered just doesn’t feel right when I’m in the water – except for when that covering is done by an inflatable toy like Rex here.

Many people think that my fetish for getting naked and jumping on top of an inflatable dog is a bit weird, but anyone who has had experience with balloons in an intimate way knows just how fun they can be. I’m a real looner, and I want you to experience the things I get up to with my doggy inflatable.

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