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Lola Has Looner Fun With Inflatable Love Doll

I know what you’re thinking, why is a beautiful girl like me trying to have sex with an inflatable toy? The fact of the matter is that I simply get off to the idea of balloons and blown up objects. The sexual thrill of having the material rub against my pussy is enough to send me over the edge.

It just so happens that I found a relatively inexpensive love doll, and after getting it all set up and ready for action, it was the easiest way to make me orgasm! If you are a looner and want to watch me getting intimate with this toy, be sure to watch the entire video of all the action.

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Lola Fucks Her Tight Pussy While On Dolphin Balloon

Hey there, Lola again! Today you have the very special privilege of seeing me enjoy the delights of my favorite toy. I just love this grey dolphin, so when I got myself a new vibrator, I had no choice but to try it out whole I held him close!

I have a strong sexual fetish for anything that can be blown up: you name it, balloons, inflatable beach balls, lilos! They all get me so moist. Now sit back and relax while I have a real looner experience with this inflatable pool toy.

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Lola Gets Horny Being Ridden By Dolphin

Nothing turns me on more than having a great big pool inflatable on top of me. Okay, that’s a lie, the thing that does turn me on more than that is having someone to witness the entire thing!

That’s where you come in, because you get to see my perfect body be teased and pleased by his huge whale balloon. Are you jealous of the fact that this charming inflatable toy is having his way with me? The feeling I have when I feel big pool toys rubbing up against my slit is amazing.

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