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Lola Has Looner Fun With Inflatable Love Doll

I know what you’re thinking, why is a beautiful girl like me trying to have sex with an inflatable toy? The fact of the matter is that I simply get off to the idea of balloons and blown up objects. The sexual thrill of having the material rub against my pussy is enough to send me over the edge.

It just so happens that I found a relatively inexpensive love doll, and after getting it all set up and ready for action, it was the easiest way to make me orgasm! If you are a looner and want to watch me getting intimate with this toy, be sure to watch the entire video of all the action.

Click here to Download the HD Video!


Megan Has Fun With An Inflatable Shark

Do you like to see me riding up and down on this shark balloon? He is a bit like me – dangerous and ready to bite! I was given this balloon as a gift a few years ago and recently, I have grown attached to it. Someone once told me that they were going to pop him, and I was incredibly worried that it would happen!


Thankfully I talked them out of it, so now I get to run my lovely young body all over his inflatable goodness. I think I look extra cute in this red skin-tight leotard – what about you?

Click here to Download the HD Video!