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Megan Rubs Her Perfect Body All Over Dolphin Inflatable

When I get home and have some alone time, there is one thing I love to do above all else. As you can see from the video, my personal fetish when it comes to the world of sex involves inflatable toys!

This grey Dolphin was given to me as a gift from a very understanding friend that knew all about my looning, and when I run my hot pussy all over the exterior of this magnificent pool toy, I get super wet and make him feel as if he’s back in the ocean with all the juice.

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Green Dragon Inflatable Gets Rode By Horny Lola

I get so sexually frustrated when I have to leave home for business reasons – thankfully, when I return, my favorite blow up green dragon is waiting there, hungry for my attention. I climb on top of him and start to thrust my pussy as hard as I can.

The sensation is so much fun, and I know that any looner worth their salt is going to love watching me pound away on this great inflatable specimen. Do you want to watch my tight and slender body bouncing on this green balloon? I hope so, because that’s exactly what you’re in store for!

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Cheerleader Megan Comes Home To Hump Favorite Inflatable Toy

When I have really long days at school, nothing sets my barely legal ass off quite like humping this guy. He’s a shark, and just like me, he will bite you if you mess around! I just love the feeling of his plastic running itself all over my body.

The soft, gentle and squishy nature of his material puts me in such a horny mood the only thing I can do is pound away and think of getting fucked. I love this inflatable shark, and I know that this video will turn on just about any looner who wants to see a beautiful girl engaged with a sexy piece of inflatable fun.

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Lola Getting Sexy With Her Purple Walrus Inflatable

Hey there – my name is Lola, and I’m a certified inflatable slut. It all started back when I was younger, at birthday parties I would love to see balloons, and I always wanted to hug them as tightly as I could without destroying them. One day when I was older, I was walking past a party shop and saw some discounted balloons.

I took them home and blew them all up – it was so much fun! Today I’m riding and getting horny with my favorite walrus inflatable. Do you enjoy seeing me loon around?

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