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Sexy Babe Bounces On Purple Blowup Walrus

This cute little guy is actually quite a sexy devil: I know that bouncing up and down on him gets things really hot, so when I feel as if it’s time for me to orgasm, I let him outside and have my way! He gets plenty of positive treatment from me:

I bounce and bounce away without a care in the world while my tight, hungry pussy starts to moisten up because I’m such a horny looner. When push comes to shove, I know you’ll just adore watching me bouncing on this inflatable pool toy.

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Megan Rubs Her Perfect Body All Over Dolphin Inflatable

When I get home and have some alone time, there is one thing I love to do above all else. As you can see from the video, my personal fetish when it comes to the world of sex involves inflatable toys!

This grey Dolphin was given to me as a gift from a very understanding friend that knew all about my looning, and when I run my hot pussy all over the exterior of this magnificent pool toy, I get super wet and make him feel as if he’s back in the ocean with all the juice.

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Purple Inflatable Walrus Gets Rode By Horny Babe

What do you think of my big purple inflatable walrus friend here? Isn’t he just the cutest thing you have ever seen! I think he is sexy as all hell, and when I strip off all of my clothes and start to ride him, I hope you will appreciate just how serious I can get about this type of action.

My body is perfect –I know that, and after you watch this inflatable riding video, you will too! So sit back, relax and bring up your best media player: I am going to show you the best way a woman can ride an inflatable.

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Taylor Grinds And Gets Off To Whale Inflatable

The name’s Taylor, and I’m here to profess my interest in humping inflatable objects. I started off with balloons – rubbing them against my body whenever I could, but now it has become something entirely different. I just cannot bring myself to orgasm unless I have a hot inflatable toy next to me.

Some people describe what I do as looning, but I prefer to think of it as just having fun with the things that make me happy. This blow up whale gets me red hot and moist, so I do what I can to have as much alone time with it as possible.

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Megan Plays In Pool With Her Doggy Inflatable

When I get into the swimming pool, I cannot help but get naked. Something about being covered just doesn’t feel right when I’m in the water – except for when that covering is done by an inflatable toy like Rex here.

Many people think that my fetish for getting naked and jumping on top of an inflatable dog is a bit weird, but anyone who has had experience with balloons in an intimate way knows just how fun they can be. I’m a real looner, and I want you to experience the things I get up to with my doggy inflatable.

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Lola Has Looner Fun With Inflatable Love Doll

I know what you’re thinking, why is a beautiful girl like me trying to have sex with an inflatable toy? The fact of the matter is that I simply get off to the idea of balloons and blown up objects. The sexual thrill of having the material rub against my pussy is enough to send me over the edge.

It just so happens that I found a relatively inexpensive love doll, and after getting it all set up and ready for action, it was the easiest way to make me orgasm! If you are a looner and want to watch me getting intimate with this toy, be sure to watch the entire video of all the action.

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Grey Inflatable Dolphin Ridden By Sexy Megan

Hey boys! Do you like the aesthetic appeal of me riding up and down on this grey dolphin? His name is Tony, and trust me – when I get on top of tony dressed in my tight spandex bottoms and fishnet top, I cannot help but get wet between my legs.

Tony is a beautiful blow up balloon that I spend my most intimate sessions of masturbation with – keeping him close keeps me comfortable, although he does get slightly worried because he thinks I’ll catch him in my shirt! I am a confirmed looner, and want all balloon fetish fans to watch me have solo fun.

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Horny Megan Rubs Pussy Against Whale Balloon

I’m glad you could make it – having guys watch me while I play with balloons sends me over the edge. I am a real looner, and when I have the sensation of a nice pool toy rubbing against my pussy, I cannot keep myself contained!

The pleasure is amazing, because I can fully appreciate my own body and express the sexual balloon desires within. If you want nothing more than to see the most gorgeous young lady with pigtails get horny and juicy on a blow up pool toy, I guarantee what I get up to will drive you wild!

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Sexy Balloon Fetish Lover Lola Plays With Inflatable

I’m glad you came to watch me have some fun with my favorite balloon. My name is Lola, and I heard that you have a lot of interest in seeing women riding up and down on their toys. Well this one is particularly special  his name is Finn, and I treat him as my partner for most of the time!

I’m stripped down to my panties and I’m hugging him as close as I can. I absolutely love this inflatable whale, and I really like it when guys come along and watch me get intimate with this perfect pool toy. Thanks for sticking around to watch me have fun with my dolphin balloon!

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Megan Has Fun With An Inflatable Shark

Do you like to see me riding up and down on this shark balloon? He is a bit like me – dangerous and ready to bite! I was given this balloon as a gift a few years ago and recently, I have grown attached to it. Someone once told me that they were going to pop him, and I was incredibly worried that it would happen!


Thankfully I talked them out of it, so now I get to run my lovely young body all over his inflatable goodness. I think I look extra cute in this red skin-tight leotard – what about you?

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