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Sexy Naked Chick Riding On Huge Balloon

You know, I went to the party store near my house a few days ago, and they had these huge balloons in the display window. Guess what I did? Yup, bought a pack of 100! Now I can spend all day and all night getting my fix of inflatable objects in. Balloons do something to me sexually that no other fetish can.


There’s a certain amount of bliss that comes with getting my hot wet pussy rubbing off against the material. Do you want to see just how wild I can be when my clothes are off and my pussy is satisfied with balloon?

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Green Dragon Inflatable Gets Bounced On By Hot Babe

The name is Lola – you’ve probably seen me around. Hopefully you know about my fetish of inflatable objects and fully except my sexual experiences around them. Many people have standard fetishes that they can enjoy – for me, nothing sets my mind off more than the feeling of bouncing up and down on an inflatable.

Today’s lucky blow up character is a green dragon that I got from eBay. He was worth every penny and brings me so much looner joy! I hope you watch me getting nude and rude with this fun inflatable – you would be missing out on a lot of blow up fun if not.

Click here to Download the HD Video!