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Megan Brings Her Pool Toy Into Her Room For Sensual Fun

I know what you’re thinking – why is a girl as hot as me spending time with a silly whale inflatable? Firstly, he isn’t silly, secondly, because it’s incredibly fun! Never before have I had such a rush when inflatable objects touch me.

The soft, rubbery and squishy nature of their material makes me safe, and the sound that the thing makes when I run my hands and skin over it drives me crazy. I love having fun with balloon toys, and I hope when you watch this video you will see just how much of an inflatable looner I really am.

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Lola Gets Horny Being Ridden By Dolphin

Nothing turns me on more than having a great big pool inflatable on top of me. Okay, that’s a lie, the thing that does turn me on more than that is having someone to witness the entire thing!

That’s where you come in, because you get to see my perfect body be teased and pleased by his huge whale balloon. Are you jealous of the fact that this charming inflatable toy is having his way with me? The feeling I have when I feel big pool toys rubbing up against my slit is amazing.

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